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Best Marketing Consultant in the local area

Need a marketing consultant to grow your online presence or get your name on people's lips? Have no fear. Based in the local area, here at Blue Blood I offer just that: marketing services that will establish your brand, strengthen those all-important social media channels and much more. I work with B2C and B2B companies and have a proven record of success. Get in touch with me through the booking form and we'll help you get those plans in motion on the double.

Helping You Reach The Next Level

My service strikes the perfect balance between out-of-the-box thinking and keen trendwatching in the marketing industry. If it sounds like I'm passionate about marketing and helping to promote your product, you'd be right. I put my heart into every project, and aim to make online advertising on different platforms an easy one.

My Services

My service includes developing a marketing strategy that will effectively capture your target market online. From my wealth of experience and research, I'll create a list of top marketing platforms for your specific audience. Afterwards, I'll run a concentrated campaign on these platforms like Facebook, Google Adwords, and Criteo for a single overall goal. With analytics at the forefront, I can brief your business on the insights generated from the ads to make actionable improvements across every platform you've decided to advertise on.

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